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"Our patrons really appreciated the ability to learn, inquire and see in practice the fascinating work these ghost-hunters do.  A really great evening in the library." - Mt. Sterling Public Library, Steve April 26, 2022


"Tri-C is always a class act to investigate with. Good people." - Andy & Renee November 11, 2019


"I wanted to say thank you and your team for coming all the way here to help us. Since you all were here its like the energy has shifted to a very peaceful and loving home again. You all did an amazing job and for that we will be ever grateful! Have a blessed day!​​​​​​" - ​Erica February 4, 2017

"I enjoyed your presentation.  Seeing and hearing about the equipment used for paranormal investigations was fascinating.  Your definitions of common terms used by investigators were most helpful.  History of the places and the investigations enlightening and let us not forget - Humor - marvelous. Thank you." - Louise September 27, 2016

​"Just want to thank Greg Feketik, Kathy Schilens Feketik and the entire group that put together the group investigation last night at St.Joseph's hospital in Lorain! A fantastic group, well organized and willing to teach those of us that aren't professionals at this." - Amy August 21, 2016

​"You guys are awesome thank you all so much for coming and helping us figure out what is going on in our home you guys and gals are a wonderful group thanks again." - Tom June 25, 2016

"You are seriously a model example in this field, and you never made me feel I was on my own. I appreciate you, Kathy, and your whole team." - Liz April 29, 2016

"What a fantastic event for such an important cause! Many thanks to Tri-C for putting this together at such a unique (and very haunted) venue." - Danielle Jan 17, 2016

"It was a great presentation! Thank you. Can't wait to read the book." Avon Public Library - Tanya Oct 27, 2015

"It was a really cool evening! I like that you interspersed funny things that happened to you all with the serious videos!" Avon Public Library - Pam Oct 27, 2015

"Excellent presentation tonight!!!. It was a lot of fun!!! Thank you very much. :)" Avon Public Library - Marty Oct 27, 2015

"Thanks for the great presentation!" Lorain Public Library - Jul Oct 12, 2015

"Awesome time, very interesting." Lorain Public Library - Lisa Oct 12, 2015

"I'd like to take this opportunity to once again thank you and your colleagues for coming to our library and giving a fine presentation. I thoroughly enjoyed the program and I'm sure that everyone else in the audience did as well." Euclid Public Library - Tom April 15, 2015

"Excellent program! Fun and informative." - Anon April 14, 2015

"Great program! Great video examples." Anon April 14, 2015

"Thanks! Fun! Good presentation!" - Anon April 14, 2015

"Thanks so much for your expertise and so much more. I can't thank you enough for all you did. All there is left to say is BRAVO!!" - Laura April 13, 2015

"I just wanted to wholeheartedly thank you and your team for all of your time and effort that went into the ghost hunting program. Our manager told me the program was a resounding success. She stated that the presentation was both interesting and entertaining and the positive feedback that we received from our patrons was overwhelming. Best regards" - Mark November 11, 2014

"Thank you so much! You were very helpful and informative, very professional. I really can't thank you guys enough. We were very impressed with everything!! :) - Michelle November 2, 2014

"Thank you so much for your expertise last night, we had a great time! Everyone was great and very insightful. We look forward to seeing you again." - A&M August 16, 2014

"Thanks to the Tri-C Ghost Hunters for a great program! Hopefully they can return to Louisville Library in the fall! :) - Emily July 26, 2014

"You are the BEST! So professional and caring! Good luck! - Christine July 26, 2014

"Your team was so professional and really approached things from a scientific point. In addition, you were all so warm, sensitive and comforting." - Christine June 16, 2014

"Mary and I went to see the Tri-C Ghost Hunters down in Canton. They will come out to your house, set up their equipment and check things out. They put on a pretty decent presentation. They don't seem to be people who see ghosts everywhere in everything. They had a degree of skepticism in what they even see." - Lori October 28, 2013

"It was amazing! Ty!" - Sarah (Perry-Sippo Library presentation) Oct 28, 2013

"Want to thank you for your presentation this evening. It was very informative and entertaining." - Adrian Oct 24, 2013

"You all did a GREAT job! We were impressed! Completely credible. Like the way you put no sensationalism in the presentation...." - Jeff Oct 17, 2013

"Thank you; On behalf of both of us--Thank you for the time you spent coming to our apartment. We appreciate your help very much! We hope you have safe travels and much success in your ghost hunting. Sincerely", - Crystal & Mom Aug 11, 2013

Thank you so much for the very generous donation of 2 passes to the overnight investigation that you will be doing at the Madison Public Library later this month as an incentive for our Summer Reading program.........We truly appreciate your contribution and are thankful to have you as a part of the Madison Public Library family. Sincerely", - Dawn Aug 7, 2013


"They did a really nice job last night...was pretty impressed!!!...all had Tri-C shirts on n did things in a orderly organized fashion and very informative" - Ronnie July 28, 2013

"Thank you so much for being there. It was a great experience which allowed us to learn a great deal about investigations and different equipment. I believe you are the real deal and your integrity is awesome. You have allowed me to experience a long time curiosity of the paranormal. Thanks again!!!!!" - Chris June 8, 2013

.......I heard back from several other branches and they all say wonderful things!!" - Linda June 7, 2013

"You guys are awesome" - Jessica April 22, 2013

"Thank you for another great program! Everyone had a great time! Sincerely", - Carrie & the staff & patrons of Madison Library April 4, 2013

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