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The first step in the investigation process is the initial contact between the client(s) and TCGH.

The first thing TCGH will do is conduct an interview and fill out a questionnaire with the client. This is necessary to document the type of activity that is occurring and to see if an investigation is necessary. Questions asked during the interview will be names and ages of everyone living in the home, contact information, time living at the location, and the activity that has occurred. ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IS CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NEVER BE RELEASED WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THE CLIENT(S). The interview can be conducted in person or over the phone. The vast majority of the time an investigation will be warranted. On occasion, "paranormal activity" can be caused by natural phenomenon and this can be determined through an investigation. We will rarely, if ever, decline an investigation. If we are too far away or for some other reason, unable to conduct an investigation, we will contact another reputable group for you at your request.

After the interview, a date and time will be set for an investigation, if the client(s) so desire.

On occasion, investigator(s) may go to the location prior to the actual investigation to get a "feel" of the place and to conduct a pre-investigation.

The information that is supplied during the interview will be given to our researcher(s), who will research your property and surrounding area.


Upon arrival at the investigation location on the date and time agreed, we will ask for a tour of the premises to determine where the majority of the activity is taking place. These locations are called "hot spots". We use this information to plan where we will set up our DVRs, video cameras, audio recorders, etc. and to determine where we can set up our "base of operations". The 'base of operations" is an area inside or outside the premises, where we can set up our monitors and store our extra equipment.

After the tour we will set up our equipment throughout the premises, which usually takes 1 to 1 1/2 hours depending on the size of the location being investigated. During this time we will also take base temperature and EMF readings throughout the premises, as well as create a diagram of the location.

Sometimes, after the equipment is set up, we like to leave the premises for a while. This allows our equipment to run undisturbed. On occasion we will go out to eat with the client(s). During this time we can also learn more from the client(s) about the activity that is occurring.

After we return, the main part of the investigation will begin. This can last from 2 - 6 hours depending on the size of the location and any activity that may be occurring. Usually we will break up into teams. In a smaller location one team will investigate the premises while the other team watches the monitors in the "base of operations". The number of investigators that will be on an investigation can vary from 3 - 8, again depending on the size of the location and the activity that is occurring.

After the investigation it will take about 1 hour to take everything down and pack away all of our equipment.


Depending on the amount of evidence, it can take 2 - 4 weeks to review all video and audio recordings. The clients will be kept updated on the progress of the review.

Once all of the evidence is reviewed a short report will be written with our findings.


After the review, investigators from TCGH may meet with the client(s) to go over the report.

Any evidence that is captured will be shown and explained to the clients. The clients will also be given copies of any evidence. If the client(s) are too far away, the report and evidence will be mailed or e-mailed and everything will be explained over the phone.

TCGH will suggest to the client(s) that a log be kept and all activity be written down in the log, which should include date, time, where, who and the activity that occurred. This can assist investigators if a follow-up investigation is conducted.

TCGH will attempt to keep in touch with the client(s) after the investigation to see if the activity has ceased or if there is need for another investigation.

It is suggested that the client(s) also keep in touch with TCGH with emails, texts or phone calls so as to keep TCGH apprised on any further activity that may be occurring.

If needed after the initial investigation psychics/mediums may be called in to assist in any additional investigations.

We cannot guarantee that we can stop any activity, but we will help in anyway we can to get it to cease.

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