"Our mission is to provide insight and assistance to our clients who are experiencing possible paranormal activity in their lives, homes or businesses as well as to the public, based on our knowledge and experience."​


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"Keeping it real with Logic, Truth and Honesty"



Tri-C Ghost Hunters, with members in the Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati areas of Ohio, is a team of dedicated paranormal investigators and enthusiasts who investigate claims of paranormal activity throughout Ohio and the surrounding states.

Tri-C Ghost Hunter's is currently one of the largest paranormal teams in Ohio, with 42 full-time (33) and auxiliary members (9).

Our team consists of investigators, tech specialists, audio specialists, researchers and psychics/mediums. We have come together as a team to share our experiences and expertise in investigating the paranormal and to give our clients the best they can possibly receive in investigations and research of their homes and businesses.

Our 33 full-time members have over 255 years total experience in investigations and the paranormal field in general. As individual investigators, we have been on over 1100 investigations, from a small two-bedroom apartment in West Virginia to a large 12th century castle in Scotland.

We use a wide variety of equipment during our investigations, everything from pendulums to a Flir thermal imager, in an attempt to gather data and evidence to prove or disprove if your home or business is experiencing true paranormal activity. However, the most important thing we bring to an investigation is ourselves and our common sense. In a lot of cases paranormal activity can have a logical and natural explanation.

We do not ask for any money or donations for any investigation. All of our investigations are free of charge. Each member purchases his or her own equipment and pays for any travel that may be required.

We are here because we want to help you figure out what is going on in your home or business.

If you are experiencing unusual activity in your home or business and need some answers or if you would like any other information or have any questions, please click on the following button and we will contact you in a timely manner.

If you would like to join Tri-C Ghost Hunters please fill out our application on the link below.

References are available for those requesting an investigation.

All TCGH full-time investigators now have criminal background checks to help our clients feel more at ease. The safety and well-being of our clients as well as our investigators is of the utmost importance. We sincerely hope that by requiring our full-time investigators to have criminal background checks will help.

In 2019 the Ohio State Reformatory and Tri-C Ghost Hunters joined forces to make the paranormal program at OSR the best in the nation. Tri-C Ghost Hunters will add over 20 team members to complement the current volunteer staff. In addition, Tri-C Ghost Hunters brings to the field of paranormal investigating over 200 years’ combined experience. OSR is proud to have Tri-C Ghost Hunters as part of their volunteer staff and Tri-C Ghost Hunters is proud to call OSR home!



To find a paranormal team in your area please click on Paranormal Societies.Com
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