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History of St. Joseph Hospital

Father Joseph L. Bihn along with Sister M. Ludmilla Schmidt and Sister M. Antonia Adams founded St. Joseph Hospital in a Lorain house in 1892 for children who required immediate medical care and who could not make the long trip to Cleveland, where the nearest hospital was located.

In 1916 a new hospital was constructed to meet the growing population (See photo upper right). In 1950 a larger, modern facility was constructed directly behind and attached to the older building (See photo upper left).


In 1993 St. Joseph Hospital merged with Lorain Community Hospital.


In 1997 St. Joseph Hospital officially closed its doors and relocated to a new, more modern facility and became known as Mercy Regional Medical center.

Sadly, the original 1916 building was demolished in October 2015 due to among other things its unsafe condition.

Since 1997 the hospital building was used for several different businesses, including a hospice center, nursing college, county & state offices and a VA center, but it would never serve the community as a hospital again.

When Tri-C Ghost Hunters first heard about St. Joseph Hospital possibly being haunted we decided to research further. We spoke with current maintenance workers who still work in the old building. A few of them don’t like being in the hospital by themselves, even during the day. Some of the stories they told involved voices calling out their names, doors slamming and seeing ghostly apparitions.


We spoke with other former employees who talked of seeing full bodied apparitions when the hospital was open.

During our tours and private ghost hunts people may experience the same things...doors rattling and slamming, disembodied voices, footsteps, EVPs, shadow figures and full-bodied apparitions.

We have had some experienced investigators say this is one of the most haunted buildings in Ohio!

The hospital is approximately 100,000 square feet and about 90% of the building is open to private investigations including all of the patient floors, ER, cafeteria, kitchen, Chapel, ICU/CCU, old morgue, old psych ward, hospice wing, labor & delivery, surgical, VA Center and Medical Building.

​Tri-C Ghost Hunter's first investigated St. Joseph Hospital in November, 2015. We were the first team to investigate the hospital. Since then we have investigated the building numerous times and almost every investigator has experienced seeing apparitions, hearing doors slamming, being slapped/touched, having things being thrown, plus many others unexplained phenomenon.

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