On May 20-21, 2017 Tri-C Ghost Hunters hosted the first ever Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair to raise money for local charities. The charities included the Friendship Animal Protective League, Blessing House, Salvation Army, Genesis House and the Second Harvest Food Bank.

There were 40 vendors which included psychics, authors, paranormal teams, Reiki healers, jewelry, stones and many others.

It is estimated that over 700 people attended the two day event which included raffles and day tours of the hospital.

$3226 was raised after expenses along with 450 pounds of food collected.

The event was held at 1800 Livingston Ave, Lorain and was a huge success!

Fair Comments

Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair

May 20-21, 2017

Had a wonderful time today!! Very well organized event and loved the psychic tour we took! A+++ Melissa Glancy

Wow, what a fantastic day! Tina Mathie

We really enjoyed ourselves. Frank MaMana

I'm sorry I missed you guys this weekend! I know the team had a blast! Shawn Gilmore

Had a great time today, very well organized and such great causes to donate to. Congratulations for a successful event. Jill Keppler

It was a pretty awesome time Ginger Burkey

So well organized! You all did such a wonderful job! Kristi Poltrone

Attended with friends yesterday and enjoyed the afternoon! Grateful and surprised by the raffle wins! Linda Williams

Fun afternoon at this event with two friends. They even had a ghost buster car and guys dressed up in suits like in the movie. Karen Ely

Had a great time! The tour was awesome! Even had a personal ghostly experience! Freddy Reyes

Tri-C Ghost Hunters did a fantastic tour of the hospital with stories of their paranormal experiences there Diane Barnum

222 Paranormal would like to give the biggest THANK YOU!! to Greg and his group Tri-C Ghost Hunters for putting on one of the most amazing paranormal fairs @ The Old St.Joseph's Hospital in Lorain, OH. We are so impressed by how hard working their team was and how they took great care of the vendors and guests! We met some of the most incredible people(and fur babies), got to interview some of the coolest most talented souls and see some familiar faces. Thank you to everyone who donated non-perishable items to help support local food banks, your generosity will be remembered. We hope that we can all stay connected and our paths cross again one day -Thanks again to every one who stopped by our booth! 222 Paranormal Podcast

Yes thank you Greg Feketik and the team on putting on a great event Joe Shortridge

What a great event! ! Gooz

Really enjoyed it! Susan Barwick

No, the fire department shut it down, they did a great historical/psychic tours throughout the day Gooz

It's bunk, the building has no electric to most of the building, hence no lit exit signs, even though Tri-C Ghost Hunters is a great group, who had team members posted at all exits and making sure all was safe. Sad thing is it put a huge dent in the fundraising. They still rallied everything into the best fair of that kind that I have been to yet Gooz

Tri-C's first psychic fair at Old St. Joseph Hospital was a success. Hope we can do this again next year. Vanessa

Hi.  This is Bonnie from Midway.  Two things.  First want to make sure the show starts at 11.

Next we want to thank you for being great promoters.  Some of the nicest and most attentive people that we have had the pleasure of setting up to vend.  Thank you!!

BIG shout out to Greg Feketik and the Tri-C Paranormal Team. This weekend was amazing! You guys went above and beyond for us vendors and we appreciate you all. Hope to see you next year! Tiffaney Mason

Agreed! Never been to a paracon where the vendors were treated so well! Kudos to you and your group! Tinamarie Roman

On behalf of the Cleveland Haunt Club I would like to thank Greg Feketik and the Tri-C Ghosthunters for their wonderful hospitality at the Old St. Joseph Paranormal and Psychic Fest this weekend. The staff was amazing and the Cleveland Haunt Club was able to reach out to many potential new members. Numerous members stopped out and we appreciated them stopping by! Cleveland Haunt Club

Had so much fun! Carol Maxwell-Stevens

Thank you for all of your work in organizing the event. It was a fun afternoon. Linda Williams

Thank you! It was so much fun! Jorgann Santarelli Mendosa

Had a great time and talked to some great people. Well done everyone. Patti Palermo Porter

Once again, thank you and your staff for a great event. Very impressive numbers!! Jill Keppler

I had a wonderful time at the Old St. Joseph Hospital fair this weekend!! I got to see so many of my pals and made some new friends. Business was BOOMING and I was completely sold out for readings both days. I apologize to all the people I had to turn away because I just could not squeeze anymore into my schedule. A huge thank you to Tri-C Ghost Hunters for inviting me to the event, having me as the guest Medium on the hospital tour today and putting on a great event. Barbe Saint John

It was so much fun!! Meghan Reagan

Great time. Kudos to all. Looking forward to doing it again!! Angie Krempasky

I just wanted to say thank you for inviting our team to be a vendor/guest during the Old St Joseph Hospital event on Saturday and Sunday.  It was an honor and a pleasure to see everyone again .  I know that I speak on behalf of everyone on our team when I say that everything was professionally organized, very smooth, and an all around wonderful experience.  As a personal note, I would like to add that this was the best paranormal event that I’ve ever personally been invited to. Eric McGill

I want to say thank you , to the members of. Tri-C ghost hunters for their warm welcoming and kindness. I had a great time !! Shelley Grant

You give a great fair, Greg! Much thanks to you!!! Lydia Sinclair

Thanks to everyone who made this possible had a great time. can't wait till the next one and just MAYBE a night ghost hunt. Debbie Elgart

Here we were at the Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair this past weekend. We're very sorry if you may have missed it, because it was lot of fun! We'd like to thank Tri-C Ghost Hunters for the amazing job that they did hosting this event and conducting the tours! They're an highly professional group of individuals and fantastic team of paranormal investigators. Thank you all for allowing our team to share in all of the memories, and meet some of the wonderful guests that were able to stop by and see us :) ~ EVP

One of the best events that I have ever been involved with. After taking the day tour I was so sad the ghost hunt was cancelled, but maybe Dark Alley will get a chance to investigate sometime. Even with the cancellation, still a truly great event. Bradley Michaels

Thank you Greg and your Wife and team for a wonderful fair this past weekend it was fun and wonderful! Your team is awesome! Please keep us in mind for any other fairs you do! Thanks again!  Brenda Brand

Thanks for such a fun event, glad to be able to make a donation! Barb Young

Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job hosting! I'm glad we were able to make a difference! Miranda Kathleen

We all had a great time. Looking forward to your next event. Tom Javorsky

Thank you Tri-C Ghost Hunters for doing such an amazing job hosting the Old St. Joseph Hospital Psychic & Paranormal Fair. I could not have imagined a better more friendly group of vendors for an event. It was a sincere honor and pleasure for all of us in attendance, hope to see you all again soon Eric McGill

I had a great time . Bought some cool stuff Ron George

It was an awesome event! Thank you!!! Brenda Brand

It was a pleasure meeting you. Tri-C and yourself went above and beyond.

Great weekend. Great people. Great experience.

Greg just wanted to say thanks for Hosting the fair at St Josephs. It was really a nice set up and everyone was really nice. Carol Gallardo

Read the story about St. Joes….Hope your plans work out. Maybe the dead can help bring my town back to life. Jim Smith

Tri-C Ghost Hunters hope to call again on ghosts in Lorain

By Keith Reynolds, The Morning Journal

POSTED: 05/26/17, 10:15 PM EDT | UPDATED: 2 WEEKS, 2 DAYS AGO


The old St. Joseph’s Hospital may seem like just another creepy building, but according to a ghost hunting group, it may be ground zero for the revitalization of Lorain.

The Tri-C Ghost Hunters held a psychic and paranormal fair May 20 on the premises of the old hospital, at the corner of West 20th Street and Broadway.

According to Greg Feketik, founder of Tri-C Ghost Hunters, it was a resounding success drawing nearly 1,000 people from across the country.

Despite issues with the Lorain Fire Department, the fair raised over $3,300 which was donated to the Genesis House, Blessing House, the Friendship APL and the Salvation Army, Feketik said.

The organization also collected 450 pounds of food for Second Harvest Food Bank of North Central Ohio, he said.

The cause of such success is the intensity of the spirits which haunted the deserted halls of the old hospital, Feketik said.

“People are really intrigued,” he said. “The hospital is extremely haunted.”

Feketik said people have seen full body apparitions, shadows of people in the building and heard footsteps, doors slamming and voices at all hours of the day and night.

The hospital was first established in 1892 by the Rev. Joseph L. Bihn and was later expanded in 1905 by the Sisters of St. Frances.

Sadly, the oldest parts of the building were torn down due to safety hazards in 2015, but a 1955 addition still stands today.

Feketik said as part of the May 20 fair, the organization ran a series of tours through what’s left of the facility to investigate paranormal phenomena.

The organization ran several tours during daylight hours, but the Lorain Fire Department stepped in to prevent the nighttime tours, he said.

Lorain fire Chief Matt Homolya said the Department found out about the event when one of the building inspectors saw a sign promoting it.

When the Fire Department investigated the event, they found the organization’s plans posed a safety hazard, Homolya said.

“The problem with (the building) being vacant is, it means all of the safety features in it are no longer operating,” he said. “The sprinkler systems, the alarm systems, the emergency lights; any of the things that aid in evacuation or escape if there were to be a fire, were not in operation.”

Homolya said despite the organization’s precautions of having tour groups being led by individuals, making sure everyone had flashlights and having off-duty police officers working security, they could not allow the evening tours to proceed.

“It’s a maze in there; I’d get lost,” he said. “There are varying degrees of safety. There’s areas of broken glass, there are areas with hatches that are hanging that are open in the floor and the building is torn apart.”

Feketik said despite the safety hazards, he thinks the building can become an area of interest to ghost hunters akin to the Mansfield Reformatory.

“My ultimate goal is to turn the Old St. Joseph’s Hospital into a Mansfield Reformatory,” he said.

Feketik said he plans to do this by marketing the building and getting the word out. He said the group already had scheduled several events in the building with the goal of raising $18,000 with a majority of it going to charity.

These events are currently canceled though, due to the issues raised by the Fire Department, Feketik said.

“The safety of our guests is our number one priority,” he said. “Hopefully, we can work something out where we can make it a safe environment for people to come in and do ghost hunts.”

Feketik said the group has celebrity events planned for the site in June and August, a film crew that wants to film there in January and independent documentary filmmakers scheduled to come into the building to film and document an investigation.

Lorain Safety-Service Director Dan Given said the city is open to a supernatural business, so long as the business works with the city to keep its visitors safe.

“We open our arms to any budding entrepreneur who wants to open up a business within the city limits,” Given said. “If the people searching for spirits in any building located in the city of Lorain, and they’re able to make it a profitable business venture, we wish them luck.”



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